Organic, biodynamic ice-cream is not only tastier,
but also more ethical.

Are you sick and tired of eating the usual old run of the mill, conventional ice-cream that is full of sucrose, colorants, preservatives, hydrogenated fats, palm oil and GMOs? We are too and that’s why we have decided to create a different kind of ice-cream, an ice-cream made with ingredients that are of certified origin and Fairtrade, an ice-cream that is good for those who eat it, good for the environment and good for all the small producers of quality ingredients.
Producing organic and biodynamic ice-cream is not only an ethical choice, but also a matter of quality, because you can only produce a truly exceptional ice-cream if you utilise good, natural raw materials, just like the ones that Ermenegildo Rachelli used so many years ago.

All the figures of unique goodness.


place in Italy

in the production of Demeter
certified biodynamic ice-creams,
sorbets and frozen yoghurts.

1° in Italia

Fairtrade ingredients

good for you, good for the environment
and good for those who produce them.

65 ingredienti Fairtrade

100% organic ice-creams

Gluten and lactose-free
because the best ice-cream
is a pleasure and everyone’s right.

34 gelati 100% biologici

Italian farming companies

that protect their local ecosystems
and guarantee superior quality
biodynamic products.

We love the land and we like to respect its produce.

In order to make a naturally tastier ice-cream you have to have the right ingredients. That is why we choose to source our raw materials from the very best Organic, Demeter and Fairtrade certified producers.

Amiamo la terra, amiamo rispettare i suoi prodotti.

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