Organic foods

Those who choose to eat organic foods want to follow the path of wellbeing and taste, but always in keeping with nature’s timing and resources.
Organic products, which are cultivated using only natural substances, are the result of sustainable and strictly controlled farming practices: the result is foods that become a way of life and an informed, conscious choice that is made each and every day.
That is because the link between the foods we eat and our quality of life is something that has for some time now taken root in our culture. At the bottom of all of this there is a timeless consideration, namely that there is an intrinsic bond between mind and body.

Slow Food

What is Organic Farming?

“Organic farming is an overall farming and food production method that is based on the interaction between the best farming practices, high levels of biodiversity, safeguarding natural resources, the adoption of strict criteria regarding the wellbeing of animals and appropriate production that satisfies certain consumers’ preference for products obtained using only natural substances and procedures. The organic farming method thus serves two social purposes, on the one hand satisfying the demand from certain consumers for organic produce, while on the other hand serving public interests such as protecting the environment, the wellbeing of animals and rural development.”
Definition in EEC Reg. No. 834/07

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