Our Mission

Our mission is pleasure: the pleasure of producing environmentally sustainable ice-creams and desserts, the pleasure of achieving the highest levels of quality while at the same time honouring traditional taste. The pleasure of being a major role player in the fair trade market and the pleasure of being unique and different, just like each of our products.

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“Good, clean and appropriate quality is a commitment to a better future. Good, clean and appropriate quality is both an act of courtesy and a way to improve the current foodstuff production system: everyone can contribute through their own specific choices and individual behaviours “.

- From the Slow Food "Quality Manifesto" -

In conjunction with the “Fondazione Slow Food per la Biodiversità” and the Demeter and Fairtrade Italia Associations, Rachelli promotes:

  • Good

    like the enjoyment of flavour, protecting biodiversity and top quality small-scale artisanal production by producing traditional ice-creams and desserts.

  • Clean

    understood to mean respecting the environment and safeguarding surrounding ecosystems and the health of consumers by choosing raw materials originating from organic, biodynamic and natural farming practices.

  • Fair

    in other words a guarantee that the ingredients used contribute in some way to improving living conditions and the work of small producers in developing countries by using Fairtrade raw materials that are linked to fair, community based, sustainable commerce.

The flavour of long ago with modern quality.

The unique flavours of times gone by, traditional recipes, top quality ingredients and ethical production standards, that is the secret that has enabled Rachelli to become a market leader in the production of ice-creams and sorbets that are not only organic but also biodynamic. Indeed, as far as Rachelli is concerned, high product quality is the only way to go and must be sought and pursued via consistent and diligent research and development. A decision that, in conjunction with the choice of organic and biodynamic raw materials, has taken the company right to the top in terms of product innovation and production technology.

It takes great taste to innovate tradition.

For 80 years Rachelli has been finding ways to continuously improve its products in terms of taste, foodstuff safety and sustainability. To achieve this you need to understand how to combine the know-how of the incomparable Italian ice-cream tradition with the curiosity to search out new consumer needs and new production technologies.

The pleasure of good ice-cream is everyone’s right.

Another important focus of Rachelli’s philosophy is to take note of consumer food allergies. As a matter of fact, in addition to gluten-free variants, the Demeter range of ice-creams and sorbets also includes lactose-free options. This product innovation testifies to Rachelli’s desire to promote everyone’s right to pleasure, as reflected in the Slow Food “Quality Manifesto”.

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