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3 gluten-free recipes to add to the list of ice-creams for people with gluten intolerance

This “Living Green” appointment is dedicated to those who are gluten intolerant but refuse to deny themselves the taste and the pleasure of ending their meal with a good ice-cream!


Being gluten intolerant does not mean avoiding good food, and we know this. That is why we produce many gluten-free ice-creams that are perfect for mouth-watering breaks and for ending meals with small masterpieces with great flavour.

Discover these three mouth-watering recipes to add to the range of Demeter gluten-free ice-creams!

1 - Strawberry and Rachelli Demeter Yoghurt Ice-cream lollies

• Fresh strawberries
• Rachelli Demeter Yoghurt Ice-cream
• Ice-lolly moulds


First of all wash the strawberries, remove the stems and set them aside to drain. Now cut the strawberries into small pieces and place a few on the bottom of the ice-lolly moulds. At this point, begin filling the moulds with Rachelli Demeter yoghurt ice-cream, adding a few more strawberry pieces after each spoonful of ice-cream. Once the moulds are filled, insert thy stick or special plastic lid and place the moulds in the freezer for at least three hours.

Prior to serving, remove the ice-lollies from the freezer and set aside at room temperature to thaw slightly for ten minutes or so. A healthy, mouth-watering option that also looks great.


2 - Biscuit sandwich with Rachelli Demeter Coconut Ice-cream

• 8 gluten-free biscuits
• Rachelli Demeter coconut ice-cream
• 50 g dark chocolate
• 25 g dried shredded coconut


Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie pot. Lay the biscuits out on a baking sheet and coat them with the melted chocolate, then dust them with shredded coconut so that it sticks to the chocolate layer. Place them in the freezer for a few minutes to allow them to cool. Take the biscuits out and turn 4 of them upside down. Spread an even layer of Rachelli Demeter Coconut Ice-cream on the overturned biscuits to act as the filling. Cover with the remaining biscuits to form sandwiches and then serve.

A snack this crunchy and extravagant will be simply too hard to resist!


3 - Rachelli Demeter Coffee Ice-cream and mini-meringue cups

• gluten-free mini-meringues
• transparent plastic shot-glasses
• Rachelli Demeter coffee ice-cream


Crumble up a few meringues and place the crushed meringue at the bottom of the shot glasses. Fill the shot-glasses with Rachelli Demeter coffee ice-cream to just below the brim. Place the remaining mini-meringues on top and serve.

Simple yet very effective, this dessert will enthral your guests at the end of a meal.

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