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3 good reasons to eat according to the season

It’s recommended to eat seasonal fruit and vegetables, but why is it so important?


Nowadays you can find everything, all the year. Especially on the supermarket counters, we tend to not charge fruits and vegetables such as seasonal foods anymore. Instead, the time of year is the determining factor in choosing the best foods for us, for our power and for the whole planet.

Grown out of season, fruits and vegetables only benefit from the artificial light of the greenhouses. So it is not uncommon to find products that end up directly in the fridge to ripen, unripe and lacking in flavor. The fruit that is not ripe on the plant may not be enriched with vitamins and important nutrients, and the producing process affects the environment. Here are three good reasons to always choose seasonal fruits and vegetables:

1 - The taste
As already mentioned, the seasonal products are rich in all their nutrients, thus more fragrant, tasty and effective for health. Strawberries in November are not a good idea, and you can feel it!

2 - The price
Seasonal vegetables do not need greenhouses, then additional energy to reach maturation. If we can choose fruits and vegetables at zero km, the cost of transportation is reduced and this is a benefit for our wallet!

3 - Respect for the environment
The environmental impact of crops out of season is really very high. Heating and lighting greenhouses, that requires a lot of energy, and the use of fertilizers for the production, cause the lower resistance of the vegetables grown in the wrong period.

The result is a chain of highly polluting processes. Can we really afford it, considering the situation of our planet?
The organic and biodynamic cultivation take into account all these factors and respect the seasonality of crops, to return a healthy and natural product, as well as the earth conceived it.

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