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4 Ways to turn your balcony into a vegetable garden

DIY vegetable gardens are increasingly becoming a must-have item for people who love nature but live in the city.


Who wouldn’t like to be able to serve up fresh, home-grown produce? Not everyone has a piece of land at their disposal but this is not an impossible feat by any means, anything but! The new frontier of DIY farming is becoming a reality on domestic balconies, something that many people living in cities do have access to.

Gardens in a drawer become a reality
Turning an old chest of drawers into a vegetable garden is a practical example of recycling. Instead of relegating the piece of furniture to the cellar, let’s use it to create a green space inside the drawers, which you can open to various extents and drill some drainage holes into the bottom.

The vegetable garden that’s a sackful of pleasure
Another original idea for optimising space is to cultivate plants in a sack, any sack, from potatoes all the way through to aubergines and even tomatoes. The types of materials that can be used to make the sacks include the denim obtained from discarded jeans.

“Gardening” shoes
Old gumboots can be turned into colourful garden pots! All you need to do is to drill holes in the soles and fill them with suitable potting soil. Even flip-flops can be recycled: hung toe-section downwards on the wall, cups can be inserted in which to plant aromatic herbs or flowers.

The greenhouse effect that’s not bad for you
Another highly decorative idea is to turn an unwanted display cabinet into a mini-greenhouse to hold pots in which to display various types of plants, depending on the size and height of the shelves.


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