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5 tips to save money on grocery shopping

You can save money and at the same time eat well: a few steps to make happy your shopping cart and your wallet!


here are those who love it and those who hate it, someone lives in the supermarket and someone else prefers to choose from the local market stalls. It’s shopping time, necessary and often overlooked. You do it to feed yourself, but you never have to forget the health: to choose healthy foods and decide for the whole family is ot easy and often you do not have neither the time nor the inclination.
What measures can we take to optimize the time of food shopping?

1 - Full stomach
Maybe you will not believe it is a factor that influences a lot on the shopping cart content. When you are hungry you buy what you want at that moment, no matter if it is not healthy or it costs too much. Grocery shopping on an empty stomach raises significantly the probability to fill the chest with snacks, desserts and ready meals. Or, very simply, with more products then you actually need.

2 - List
You know that systematically there will be something you need and forget, if you haven’t written it somewhere. Conversely, with the list you are sure of what you really need, so you can evaluate the costs of the superfluous without feeling guilty.

3 - Between the supermarket and the market
For most of the products is undoubtedly the supermarket to be convenient, but to divide the shopping in different places may be the best choice for health. Especially with regard to vegetables and fruit, the fruit nd vegetable market offers a lot of variety and lower prices.

4 - Read the labels
Promotions is always hard to resist, but before you stock up on a product in the grip to enthusiasm, it is advisable to always read what's inside. On the packaging often are advertised healthy ingredients without stating their quantity, or the absence of additives, but the only way to really be sure is to read labels and nutrition tables.

5 - Bring the bags from home
Why to pollute unnecessarily and find yourself filled with fragile bags and little capacious? The
solution is to have your own bags and use those to carry the shopping. They’re more
large and durable!

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