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The 7 rules for avoiding wastage

Reduce, re-utilise, repair, recycle, save, collect and gift. These are the key words of our era: let’s examine each of them in more detail.


What can we do to really avoid the useless and costly waste of resources? Here are a number of things we can do.


Buy only what you need. For example, when you go to the supermarket, it is better to know exactly what you need and pay careful attention to product expiry dates.

Still on the topic of shopping, also pay attention to the product packaging: why buy new plastic bags each time you go shopping when you can bring your own re-usable bag from home instead, which you can use time and time again?

Thanks to the Internet, suggestions and tutorials on how to repair a wide range of items are freely available to everyone. A bit of searching and patience will enable you fix anything that is broken while saving money, protecting the environment and, why not, also putting yourself to the test while having some fun in the process.

Everything can have more than just one life. Recycling, just like teaching someone else how to do it, is a very educational and fun thing to do. Particularly in terms of savings, giving things a new life is clearly a winning option from an environmental point of view.

It is not always the case that something that is cheap actually saves us money: it is better to choose home appliances also on the basis of their energy consumption and not only on price, otherwise you may find yourself paying far more on your utility bills than what you saved on the original purchase price.

Our resources are not infinite and it is a good thing to learn to collect what is available in order to avoid wastage. Water used to wash fruit and vegetables can be used to water plants, avoid bathing and use the shower instead, or collect rainwater from your roof gutters.

Anything we no longer need may well be useful to someone else. Before simply throwing something away, you should ask yourself whether it may perhaps still be useful to someone else, especially if it is still in good condition. Giving to someone who needs it is certainly a good way to make both them and us happy.

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