Life in green

Being “smart” improves the life

When the bio meets technology, the ideal apps for “living green” arrive.


In the Smartphone era there is an app for everything. Weather, sports, shopping: nothing escapes the eye of mobile technology. No exception to the organic world, that, thanks to applications, becomes more understandable and at hand, rather than touch. Be able to control, for example, all stages of the wine and oil industry, only adds value to the biological product and our awareness in the choices. So what are the best apps to "live green"?

Let's see some, for iOS and Android.

ICEA Check
This app helps you recognize the food additives, divided into red and green according to the Reg. 834/07 for organic production. It also works with cosmetics, allowing check more than 9000 ingredients.

This app was created with the goal of preserving biodiversity of Italian olive growing, protecting the work of farmers and provide consumers with authentic and traceable oil from farm to bottle.

It is green?
With this app you can read the INCI (the ingredients list) of the cosmetics,
whether they contain eco-organic substances, to make targeted and aware purchases.

Emit is an app in English that helps you keep track of carbon emissions depending on our habits and daily activities, to understand our environmental impact and maybe cut consumption if not needed.

Ecolamp - The island that there is
A useful app to find out where to dispose the low energy light bulbs. Thanks to the map that allows you to find the nearest drop-off point.

No more excuses: become "smart" you too and download them all!

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