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Biodynamic is also good for our animal friends

Freedom to browse, a healthy environment and respect for the nature of animals are essential features of every biodynamic farm.


The biodynamic philosophy is based on the concept of “giving more back to the land than what we take”. In today’s agricultural environment in which intensive farming is king, choosing biodynamic products guarantees the quality of the end product as well as respect for the environment and the nature of the animals.

On a biodynamic farm, waste products from the animals are used to fertilise the soil which, in turn, produces the fodder used to feed the livestock. So it’s all about sharing and collaboration in which soil, water, animals, plants and man work together to ensure the fertility of the land, the quality of the end products, protection of the health of both the animals and the farmer, and respect both for the environment and the consumer.

For the animals, biodynamic farming offers many benefits: since they live free in areas that are appropriate to the nature, free-range cows eat better and thus produce milk that is naturally better. This also means that they do not need to be de-horned, a commonly used practice in intensive farming operations to prevent animals living in cramped quarters from injuring each other.

The nutrients that the cows get from the grass they eat out in the pastures is what makes the milk and anything derived there from, including the cream we use to produce our ice-creams, far tastier and healthier than that obtained from cows fed on industrial feeds.

Demeter is the only biodynamic certification body: it is internationally recognised and the Demeter brand-name is a guarantee of a truly biodynamic product. They certify the land, the farming operations themselves and thus also the products. Only farms that have been certified as organic for at least three years can be certified as biodynamic.

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