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Agriculture and livestock farming according to biodynamic farming principles, to eat well and live better.


A biodynamic farm works in perfect harmony with nature in accordance with the principles laid out by philosopher Rudolf Steiner, dating back to the first decades of the 1900s, to support farmers who were dissatisfied with the results obtained by utilising “chemical” additives to aid their farming and livestock rearing operations.

In biodynamic agriculture the farm is a real living organism that works in a very complex manner. Plants, soil and animals are interdependent and together form part of a single system that requires no external inputs and functions according to a cycle in which everything dies and is reborn.

The ideal biodynamic farm also includes livestock rearing, which produces the manure that is used to fertilise and improve the vitality of the soil.

The plants, animals and the farmer himself, as well as their waste products (from the animal excretions to the parts of the plants that are left in the fields after the harvest) combine to fertilise, feed and keep the entire ecosystem healthy.

In biodynamic livestock rearing, all the farm animals such as cows, pigs, sheep and chickens live in large spaces and only eat natural foods that are ideal for their nutritional requirements.

In order to work in harmony with nature the farmer utilises age-old techniques, from crop rotation through to planting according to the lunar calendar and natural fertilisation methods, working in accordance with the principles of biodiversity and respecting the whole bio-system.

Scientific studies have provided data that supports the theory that micro-organisms and the soil itself appear to benefit from biodynamic farming methods in terms of improved fertility and biodiversity.

According to Steiner, this method of farming indisputably affects society in that the community becomes a new community culture model in which the very same principles on which biodynamics is based also hold true.

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