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Creative recycling comes to the table

Three yummy suggestions for using up those Pandoros and Panettoni that survived the holidays.


Every New Year it’s the same story: lots of tasty goodies and a mountain of leftovers to use up. Not to mention all those Pandoros and Panettoni received as gifts that now risk hanging around until next Christmas! The mission is clear: finish everything off, but in a tasty way! Here are a few suggestions on how to combine the pleasure of Christmas cakes with the freshness of ice-cream.

All you need is a Pandoro, a Panettone and as much ice-cream as you want. As far as flavours are concerned, we recommend the creams.

Filled Pandoro
Cut a couple of centimetres off the top of the Pandoro, then carefully hollow out the whole of the inside, always leaving a two centimetre edge on the sides and the bottom. Now you can go wild with whatever flavours you prefer for the filling, layering flavours and colours in whatever way inspires you. You can add almonds, flakes of chocolate and edible decorations. Obviously you can do exactly the same thing with the Panettone!

Mini Panettone and ice-cream glasses
The principle is the same as that of a cupcake: prepare some small glasses with a disc of Panettone laid on the bottom, then fill up to three-quarters with ice-cream. Whisk up some cream and decorate your creation with a swirl on top. Add some powdered cinnamon, cocoa, crumble or whatever you like.

Pandoro stars
Cut the Pandoro into horizontal slices, starting from the top, so as to end up with a number of “stars”. Reassemble the Pandoro but offsetting the slices so that it resembles a Christmas tree. Spread some ice-cream on each slice and decorate with coloured sugar sprinkles and whipped cream. If you want to do things in style, pour some melted dark chocolate over the entire cake as a final touch. What a delight!

Now you have no more excuses: with all these yummy ideas, the best kind of recycling is what you do at the dinner table!

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