From Demeter milk to our Haymilk ice-creams full of our love for nature.

Vanilla, chocolate and stracciatella: a more natural and even more delicious version of three classic favourites.


We simply couldn’t just sit back and feel satisfied about being the leader in the field of biodynamic ice-creams both in Italy and abroad so we decided to go the extra mile to give our customers a better product because we are really keen to always be up to date and innovative in our field.

We have now enriched our Gildo Rachelli Demeter ice-cream with a very special kind of milk known as “Heumilch”.

Translated into Italian, “Heumilch” literally means “hay milk” because it comes from cows that eat mainly fresh grass and hay.

This is better for the wellbeing of the cows themselves as well as that of people and results in a superior and more natural flavour.

The cows are free to graze happily and their milk is an absolute explosion of flavour!


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