The ice cream according to us

Fewer ingredients, more flavour

In our opinion, making good ice-cream means using as few ingredients as possible, but only the finest available ones. But how do you recognise a good ice-cream?


The saying that “Ice-cream is ice-cream” is not strictly true because the quality of the ingredients is an essential factor in terms of flavour experience. We put a lot of effort into not only putting all of Rachelli’s experience on the line, but also into our constant search for better quality raw materials without making any compromises whatsoever.

Many ice-creams are made by including certain additives to enhance the flavour, at the expense of the natural goodness. But how can we know straight away if it is a truly good ice-cream?

First of all we must look at its consistency. Given that ice-cream should never be served up straight from the freezer, if it tends to melt immediately it means that the ingredients are not properly balanced. If, on the contrary, it hardly melts at all it means that it probably contains a high concentration of additives.

Ice-cream should taste like the flavour selected: if the ice-cream really is good, the chosen flavour should be easily recognisable in the taste. It should not be either too sweet or too acidic: if it tastes too acidic it means that the ice-cream was not properly stored, keeping in mind that, after all, the main ingredient in ice-cream is milk.

Beware of syrups since they can give the ice-cream a colour and flavour that differs from what the real colour and flour should be. Strawberry should not be the same colour as raspberry, just as pistachio green should be different from mint-green.

All in all, fake flavour can only fool us so far and no further: the best ice-cream is the one that titillates your taste buds with no need to add anything to it.

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