Gluten and lactose free, but now with a lot of taste!

The Free From Food Expo in Amsterdam, recently concluded, pulls his budgets and closes positively, with a more than a rosy outlook for the future of the Free From Market. Among the many companies to invade the functional food industry stands out the Milanese Rachelli, which brings more than 80 years of experience in the field of good Italian ice cream and traditional desserts.


Actually it can be said that the sector of "Functional Foods" has definitively left behind the image, bound to him ever since its inception, of flat field, tedious, complicated and dedicated solely to a health-conscious public or affected by pathologies. It is witnessed especially by the presence at the fair, held in Amsterdam on 9 and 10 June 2016, of over 130 companies from Italy, Finland, Spain, United States and Netherlands. Things are changing in the field of functional food, because the market is constantly evolving and the demand for specific products from consumers is spiraling.

Free From foods offer a wide and varied range of products, from chocolate to pizza and beer; they are organic products, gluten-free, lactose-free, fat-free, GMO-free, without soy, yeast and eggs, and do not include the use of palm oil, preservatives and dyes. They are not just products of fair trade and with a responsible origin, but now it can be said that they are even more good and tasty.

At the fair this year was on display especially Innovation: an unstoppable development has allowed consumers to have healthy products with a very satisfying taste, even for those who follow a traditional diet. In fact, the achievement of a likewise taste, if not better, of these products compared to the traditional ones is an important condition for further growth of this particular sector of the food market, as well as the stabilization of Free From products on a reasonable price range.

The offer has been greatly expanded and diversified, so adopting a Free From diet no longer means giving up certain kinds of food or eating things without taste, as it has always been represented in the imagination of everyone.

A significant fact is that, if until now functional foods are mainly sold through the network of retail stores, currently the demand for these products is increasing also in the great distribution and supermarkets.

The company Rachelli has participated in the Amsterdam exhibition, presenting its range of gluten free ice creams and sorbets, evidence of his intention to move in the direction of the Free From with ever more conviction. The creation of alternative lactose free ice cream is one of the many new features  of this year, while colorants and preservatives were banned from the beginning of his entrepreneurial story. But the company does not want to stop here: the Free From line will invade even the desserts sector, another area where Rachelli has had a great experience, more than 80 years of high pastry history and a stoic aversion to everything what is not of a natural goodness.


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