Life in green

Green ideas for a great Christmas

The best gifts are those made with the heart: even better if bio!


All of us have that friend that plans ahead and ends the Christmas gifts two weeks before: for us ordinary people, however, it is always a drama until the afternoon of the Christmas Eve. A low-cost solution and surely appreciated can be a bio handmade gift. There is no time? No problem: there is a quick solution for every need!

The most practical idea is certainly a box of homemade cookies: there are many recipes to prepare "ginger cookies", perfect for the Christmas season, and delicious easy to do. Once cooked, you can have fun inventing different packaging: you can coat with Christmas paper empty packs of tiramisu and profiteroles Master Bakery! It is the perfect solution to fill them with other sweets!

A different and "fragrant" gift? The homemade soap! With just a few ingredients and a shaper you can obtain different shapes and colores. The extra touch? You can insert petals in the dough and a sprig of lavender to accompany the gift. You will make a great impression!

These are just some of the many possibilities of the bio as a gift: a special thought because made with the heart respecting the environment.

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