The ice cream according to us

Ice cream in winter is even better

There are thousand reasons to love the ice cream in summer, but have you ever tried it when it’s cold?


There is no summer without ice cream: so far everyone agrees. But the most beloved sweet can’t certainly go in hibernation! You know that, by adding all the months of the year, we consume approximately 380 thousand tons of ice cream?

There are numerous ways to enjoy the ice cream in the colder seasons. The most popular flavors vary depending on the season: autumn and winter are the best for the creams as chocolate, hazelnut and stracciatella.
A winter delicacy is the parfait: together creamy and solid consistency, it’s a sweet that can be worked along with the meringue with egg yolks and sugar.

What about mountain sweets? In the Nordic countries it is very popular the Baked Alaska, a kind of baked ice cream omelets, sponge cake and meringue.
Think that in Sweden they delivery ice cream all year!

Do you want a tasty idea to prepare at home? You just need a tub of Rachelli Demeter vanilla ice cream, chocolate nuggets and sugar. Melt the sugar until it forms the caramel, then cover your cup of ice cream. Add nuggets and, if you like, a sprinkling of cinnamon. The hot-cold contrast is irresistible!

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