The ice cream according to us

The ice cream? More and more people like it bio!

The 2016 trend is the organic and vegan ice cream, zero km, and with seasonal ingredients.


On top of the preferences of Italians in terms of ice cream, there are vegan and organic options. These are the
Yelp Site results, which analyzed the 2016 trend.
Due to the growing number of vegans in Italy, it emerges a special attention also for the non-primary food (like ice cream), which goes hand in hand with the absence of additives,
preservatives and dyes. Better with zero km, local, seasonal ingredients.

Finally also intolerances and allergies are taken into account and treated adequately. A more choice and an increasing market of "free from" products: no lactose, gluten and common ingredients that can create problems for some subjects. The consumption of these products rose by 5.6%, for about 1.847 billion euro in 2015.

There is an increased awareness at the time of purchase, the direction of more and more families is to avoid unhealthy ingredients considered disrespectful for the environment.

Also Rachelli knows the needs of all, including intolerant. For this reason there is the Bio line Fairtrade lactose-free and gluten-free. Because the ice cream is a pleasure that is not denied to nobody!

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