The ice cream according to us

The ice-cream sommeliers

A fine palate is simply not enough, you also need to have a good eye and many specialised skills in order to become a true ice-cream sommelier and be recognised as such by the applicable associations.


Once upon a time the term sommelier was exclusively linked to the world of wine, but these days there is an increasingly widespread trend towards recognition of the specific features of various products and, therefore, there simply had to be some sort of expert ice-cream taster that could assess the quality of ice-cream and the process of producing it.


The Carpigiani Gelato University has launched a “Sensory Analysis of Ice-Cream” programme in conjunction with Tasting Study Centre of Brescia. This training programme aims to teach ice-cream makers, chefs, pastry chefs and simple ice-cream lovers alike a scientific approach to tasting the product in order to be able to clearly identify all of its merits and defects.


The basis is the sensorial analysis and the production of ice-cream, but the true specialist must train himself to recognise any processing defects, identify the use of any industrial colourings and pick up any sugar crystallisation defects that result in a grainy consistency. Furthermore, when the ice-cream is served the temperature must not be the same as that at which the ice-cream was stored because this “burns” the mouth, making it impossible to accurately assess its overall taste.


Obviously, a course lasting just a few hours is simply not enough to properly educate the palate to recognise the complexity of a foodstuff such as ice-cream, but the important thing is to practice constantly and therefore to taste lots of ice-cream!

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