The ice cream according to us

Who is the inventor of the ice cream cone?

America in the early 900 was the cradle of great dreams and inventions. Did you know that the idea of the famous ice cream cone belongs to an Italian?


When a great invention arrives there are many people claiming its paternity. Just think of Meucci and Bell with the phone. But have you ever wondered who is behind the ice cream cone? It seems obvious, but the rolled wafer has radically changed the way we taste the loved by all. Before we ate it sitting at the table, after this invention the ice cream cone became the symbol of the walking food. It’s a story not so far in time, that began in the United States in the early twentieth century.

Italo Marchiony (Marchionni was the real name), an Italian immigrant living in New York, patented the idea of a cone made of wafer as a container for ice cream, in order to eat it while walking. Marchiony had a cart to sell ice creams and sorbets, but it was difficult and uncomfortable to serve them in glasses. On the contrary the ice cream cone could be all eaten.
Subsequently he patented a machine for producing 10 ice-cream per time.

It’s said that the following year, at the World's Fair in St. Louis, the ice cream man Charles Menches finished containers to serve customers. The banquet was near a Syrian pastry chef, Ernest Hamwi, who was selling a dough baked in a wafer press called "zalabia". To help the ice cream man, Hamwi thought to roll his zalabie and fill them with ice. The first was for an
cream cone, the other for a bouquet of flowers. But Menches has always claimed to have rolled him the first cone.
We probably will never come to the head of everything, but according to official documents, the cone has an Italian signature, like many other pastry masterpieces.

As often happens for the best dishes, the flash of genius comes from the lack of something. One might say, "luckily"!

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