Life in green

The irresistible lightness of wellness

The simplest recipe to positively influence your mood, personality, health and good digestion.


Easy on the digestion and easy on the mind. This is how we can summarise the trend that is seeing more and more people choosing not only lighter, more easily digestible foods but also practical activities – such as meditating or jogging – that are capable of “lightening” our everyday lives. That’s because a balanced physical biochemistry has a positive effect on our mood, personality and health.


However, finding foods that are not only good to eat but also easy to digest is not always easy, especially when dealing with foods that contain lactose, for which four out of every ten Italians have an intolerance. Unfortunately, even people that are not lactose intolerant may still find lactose somewhat slow and difficult to digest. Indeed, in order to assimilate some of the substances naturally present in milk our organism needs to split the lactose into two simpler sugars, an intensive process that may lead to that well known – and rather unpleasant – bloated feeling.


Fortunately the lactose-free range of all our favourite products is increasing constantly. But could we do without ice-cream? Well, obviously not so, thanks to Rachelli’s many lactose-free varieties, everyone can now savour the pleasure of an ice-cream cup: for those who are lactose-intolerant as well as those who want their digestion to be quick and easy.


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