The ice cream according to us

Lights, cameras, ice cream!

It gently captivated the best directors: the ice cream is the true cult of the cinema.


There are movies that leave us with the appetite in the mouth, especially when one of the protagonists is the ice cream. Have you ever noticed how many films they see the ice-cream "playing" in many scenes? The cone, the cup and their most delicious forms are used to emphasize special moments, but also to represent an economic and social metaphor.

A crisp scene in the collective imagination is definitely that of “Roman Holiday”, in which Audrey Hepburn relishes her ice cream cone in a spectacular post-war Rome, under the eyes of Gregory Peck.

Even a genius of Kubrick's caliber could to miss the ice cream in his films. It's popular, in fact, the “Shining” sequence in which the cook Dick Allorann offers an ice cream to Danny Torrance.

There are many others examples: you do not want to relax with a good movie and a cup of vanilla ice-cream as Bridget Jones?

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