The ice cream according to us

“Made in Italy” ice-cream is becoming increasingly tempting

This is increasingly becoming a hot topic even though we’re talking about ice-cream! This market sector does not appear to be experiencing any economic crisis whatsoever, driven as it is by exports to the rest of Europe, the United States and the Far East.


How many excellent products does Italy produce? Many, but ice-cream certainly towers above the rest: a first that is all ours and is the result of years of tradition and skill.

Artisnal technique, training and extreme specialisation are what makes the “Made in Italy” ice-cream manufacturing chain one of our Country’s biggest success stories.

It’s enough to look at the figures: here in Italy ice-cream rakes in more than 3 billion Euro! Absolutely everyone loves it: 87% of all Italians eat ice-cream regularly, there are more than 600 different flavours available and our Country boasts around 30.0001 ice-cream parlours. In the wake of the success achieved back home, our ice-cream manufacturers have now set their sights firmly on the export market with the same kind of enthusiasm. Rachelli too is an ambassador for Italian ice-cream abroad, taking the quality, tradition and skill of Italian ice-cream making across our Country’s borders. But where in the world is “Made in Italy” ice-cream most appreciated? Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, and all the way through to the United States and the Far East, to name but a few. A phenomenon that is growing constantly, sufficient to say that the value of these exports is around 220 million Euro2.

So, cone or cup? It really doesn’t matter because Italian ice-cream makes everyone agree anyway!





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