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Why are organic foods healthier for you?

Much is said about the nutritional properties of organic and biodynamic foods: let’s find out why eating organic is really good for our health and for the environment.


It’s easy to say organic but not so easy to produce organic food! That’s because organic and biodynamic food only lands on our table thanks to strict compliance with the rules throughout every step of the production process, without the addition of any chemical additives or synthesised substances and without abusing either the livestock or the land. Due consideration is given to crop rotation and crop seasonality. This enables us to savour the taste and typical properties of each fruit and vegetable that the land provides.


But why is organic and biodynamic really the right choice? For a long time we have known that safeguarding the equilibrium of the environment on our planet depends on our daily choices, starting with our choice of the foods we eat. Furthermore, deciding to buy organic and biodynamic gives us the absolute certainty that we are not eating any of the chemical additives used in pesticides, which are not only deadly to insects but also potentially so to us humans.

For this reason, eating organic and biodynamic can only be beneficial: in itself, choosing well means feeling good!

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