The new Rachelli Tiramisù: our tradition is now also gluten and lactose free.

Great news for people afflicted with celiac disease and lactose intolerance: now you too can enjoy a really good tiramisù!


Our “Free FromTiramisù has finally come to your supermarket shelves.

Until very recently, anyone suffering from food allergies and intolerances was condemned to follow a diet based on deprivation and bland flavours.

Fortunately, over time, companies such as ours put their research and development laboratories to work to meet the ever-increasing demand for “free from” products, in other words foods that contain zero gluten and lactose, alcohol, yeast, colourings and preservatives, but are nevertheless tasty and flavourful.

Rachelli has worked long and hard to be able to offer its customers a really good, well-made Tiramisù that is just like the original, but gluten and lactose free. The mascarpone cream consists of milk and lactose-free mascarpone cheese, while the conventional flour in the sponge cake has been replaced with potato flour, rice starch and cornflour, all of which are suitable for gluten intolerants.

The challenge was met when it became impossible to tell the difference between our conventional Tiramisù and the “free from” version and now we dare you to try it!

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