Life in green

How to rediscover the beauty of the earth with the children

You just need a balcony and a few pots to grow and have fun with the little ones.


Children do not take much to have fun. No, this is not to put them in front of the TV or playing with a tablet. Why create a vegetable garden at home with them? Today we explain how ... to get dirty with soil!
The orchard awakens in the child interest towards nature and its gifts, it helps improve mood, developing its organizational capacity and liability, it teaches
the names of the plants and the importance of the seasons, rewards him because he can enjoy in first person of the fruits of his efforts.

All this without underestimating nutrition education: the orchard experience will introduce him to eating well and appreciate fruits and vegetables.
How is the garden suitable for your child? First you must select a adequate space, easily accessible without dangers. Then you need the right tools: a small watering can, gloves and a shovel to start. Depending on the plants you want to cultivate, you also need the seeds and the appropriate jars. Now small farmers are ready to begin!
From which vegetable can you start? We suggest some plants that grow more quickly, considering the natural rhythms: parsley, lettuce, carrots and tomatoes.
The satisfaction of seeing the shoots growing will be great for your children, but also for you!

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