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The secrets of the perfect milkshake

For a cool and velvety drink, mix and blend is not enough: to prepare a flawless milkshake It’s a question of balance.


It's easy to say milkshakes. But how many of you know what’s the difference between centrifuges and smoothies? First of all you need to clear it: the centrifuge is a liquefied concentration of minerals and vitamins that you get with a special instrument, the centrifuge machine. This machine separates the juice from the pulp and peel the fruits and vegetables.
The milkshake is different, because is obtained by mixing fresh fruit and water resulting very refreshing and light to digest.
Milk shake, however, has a more dense consistency and more nutrient value. It can be prepared with fresh fruit, milk and ice, or directly with the ice cream of your favorite flavor. The milkshake made with ice cream is among the most delicious one, concerning its sweetness and delicate creaminess.

Even those who are intolerant can appreciate the goodness of a milkshake perfectly done.
Here are the tips for a perfect drink for those who can’t digest lactose.
- Put in a blender 100 ml of skim milk without lactose, 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream without lactose Rachelli Bio Fairtrade, a couple of ice cubes and blend everything well trying to incorporate the air;
- In this case sugar is not necessary, but in case you work with fruits instead of ice cream, you can put it depending on the desired sweetness;
- The ingredients must be very cold to assemble the best;
- Raw materials must be of high quality: ripe fruit, well worked ice cream;
- Milk should be skimmed (low-fat).

When a milkshake is well prepared, dense at the right point, the straw placed in the glass has to stand up straight. Now that you know everything, you just have to pick your favorite flavors!

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