Easy Bio

The bio as a lifestyle

Living well in harmony with the environment is really simple, but where to start? The small daily actions can make the difference.


Organic is not just food and agriculture: in theory everyone knows, but in practice it seems difficult to apply it to other fields of everyday life. Many think that choosing a bio life involves sacrifices to comfort, but in fact it is easier than you think. Where can you start from?

The organic market includes not only food products, but also those for the beauty care. There are many local companies that produce detergents and cosmetics using certified organic “zero food miles” ingredients, without polluting synthetic derivatives for the environment.

Also for cleaning, an ecological choice is to buy detergents on tap in specialized shops: you could learn about more effective products and reduce consistently the waste of bottles and packaging.

Small gestures such as turning off the light when not in use, turn off the taps, making full load washing machines and leave the car at home when you can use your bike, become significant in the long period. Now that the cold has come, it is good to keep the temperature of house around 20 degrees: avoiding unnecessary heat loss can save up to 15% on heating.

These are just small examples of how to rethink every daily action in bio and ecological perspective, without complicate your life and keeping a keen eye to the environment and oneself.
Why do not start today? It's so easy!

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