The ice cream according to us

The sweet story of the ice cream truffle

Born at the end of ‘800 under the Reign of the Savoy Family and reinvented in a pastry of Pizzo Calabro, the ice cream truffle tells another story of Italian creative taste.


The best stories are born from the passion and by a lucky chance. It is so for the love of our life, so it is for the masterpieces. Works like ice cream truffle make their way into Italian tradition because they enclose in a simple form
genuineness and sweetness artfully assembled. The first truffle was born under the reign of the Savoy, in 1895. It is said that the idea belongs to Nadia Maria Petruccelli, who worked in a chocolate factory in Chambery along with French, Swiss, Italian and Belgian. At a time of shortage of raw materials for preparing chocolates, what remained from the other preparations took the form of fine Piedmontese tartufo, becoming truffle au chocolat.

In the '50s they start talking about truffle ice cream. We are in the Deep South, specifically in Pizzo (Vibo Valentia). The master ice cream maker Giuseppe De Maria, native of Sicily and known as "Don Pippo", is struggling with an important wedding reception. Realizing later that he had run out of forms to package bulk ice cream for all the guests, he decides to join in the hollow of his hand a piece of hazelnut ice cream and chocolate with melted chocolate inside. Once cooled all with the typical shape of the truffle he succeeded in creating an institution of the sweeter Italian tradition. The original recipe is still jealously guarded by the grandsons of Don Pippo, but were born many variations that can satisfy the most demanding gourmets and fans: with pistachio, white chocolate or almonds ... there will be spoiled for choice.

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