The ice cream according to us

The timeless pleasure of ice-cream on a stick

A heart of ice-cream enveloped in a crispy chocolate shell: that’s the much-loved coated ice-cream on a stick!


Sometimes it’s simply love at first bite and that’s precisely what happened in the case of the ice-cream on a stick, much loved by young and old alike because of its mix of different flavours and consistencies: cream and cocoa, soft and crunchy. It is something that we simply cannot do without on those hot summer days, but do you know where the idea originated? As always, there is an Italian involved.

It was back in the late 1800s: an ice-cream maker from Naples caught the train to Turin with his family and all his tools of the trade in tow. He opened an ice-cream parlour in the historical city centre, but since there were no refrigerators at that time, making and storing ice-cream was a difficult and expensive affair. This obviously impacted on the price of the product, which was therefore sold as a luxury desert.

The birth of the ice-cream on a stick was a major leap forward because it enabled the people to eat an ice-cream whilst walking and without messing on their clothes. Even the Savoias fell in love with it!

From that moment on, countless different variations were born: hazelnut, pistachio, nutty coatings and something for everyone! The strength of the ice-cream on a stick lies precisely its simplicity: it can be made in thousands of different flavour combinations and you can never get tired of it. Have you ever tried the raspberry flavour? Rachelli Bio Fairtrade is just what you need!

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