The ice cream according to us

Tiramisù, an all-Italian art form

A unique combination of ingredients, perfected by tradition, spawns a taste that has always been part of our lives, namely the Tiramisù.


The aroma, the inviting look, the texture and the taste: more than just a dessert, a true masterpiece.

The Tiramisù as we know it is the result of the successes of various artisans that have, over the years, contributed towards making this cornerstone of Italian confectionery truly special. The softness of the mascarpone cream, the unmistakeable backdrop of the coffee and the mandatory touch of cocoa combine to provide that perfect balance of flavour that melts in the mouth, intoxicating the senses.

It is precisely that flavour that makes Gildo Rachelli’s creations so unique. That is why the company has been delivering the incomparable taste of their ice-creams and a variety of artisanal cold desserts to the people of Milan since the 1930’s. The secret? Know-how and knowing how to select the best raw materials. But obviously this does not stop at just the Tiramisù. All the years of experience and passion have also given birth to the Tartufo: a deliciously elegant work of art that has long since become an institution.

Perfect at any time of year, these traditional desserts express their most summery side in ice-cream format: the “Tiramisù Bio Frozen” and the “Tartufo Gelato Demeter” are so well-balanced and fresh that it is simply impossible to say no to them.

The certified organic and biodynamic ingredients provide the assurance of the highest quality and respect for the environment and the livestock throughout the entire production process, from pasture to fridge. Lots of love to be consummated right down to the last spoonful.



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