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VI NATIONAL CONGRESS AAIITO, including scientific updates and awareness.

The Italian  Association of Territorial and Hospital Allergists and Immunologist gathered in Reggio Calabria to make the point of the situation on the development of allergies and progress of care of the patient.


From October 19 to 22, Reggio Calabria hosted the Sixth Edition of the National Congress AAIITO, Italian  Association of Territorial and Hospital Allergists and Immunologists, to discuss and update about food and drug allergies, one of most urgent priorities  felt by the population.

The meeting was chaired by Beatrice Bilò, outgoing President AAIITO, and Antonino Musarra, elected President of the scientific society, hosting more than 500 accredited specialists from all over Italy and abroad, together with the main representatives of several Italian and European scientific societies.

The insights focused on the scientific update, with the aim of creating training and raise awareness on the Institutions and structures of competence, for greater consideration of the image dell'allergologo.

One of the main urgencies consists precisely in the increase of allergies to wheat, which can determine a wide spectrum of reactions in the human being. Food allergies affect 8% of children, of which one third have severe reactions, and 4% of adults.

To explain how it manifests food allergy to flour, and the degree of progress of therapies to fight it,  Dr. Paola Minale intervened. The symptoms can range from immediate and mild reactions such as itching, hives and gastrointestinal problems, to delayed events and much more intense, such as anaphylaxis associated with co-factors such as physical exertion or taking medication.

Regarding diagnostics, the molecular one represents the most advanced tool able to identify the specific molecules for each allergic reaction, enabling to make the most accurate diagnosis. Molecular diagnostics is the technique that studies the genome (DNA) of a living organism that contains the instructions that regulate its development and its operation. In the Molecular allergy is measured the sensibility to individual allergenic components. This allows you to assess the risk of allergy and explain symptoms due to cross-reactivity, helping the physician to improve patient management.

The VI Congress Aaiito Congress sees the birth of the Youth Section of Specialists of Reggio Calabria, spokesman for concern and malaise of the young Allergists and Clinical Immunologists. This will involve the promotion of scientific exploitation of young people at regional and national level, intensifying specific training activities, with field training, participation in studies and Aaiito research projects, in national conferences National and dedicated membership services organization.

The goal is also to raise awareness on the urgent political class to create new job opportunities for young people, essential process to meet the growing demand for assistance from the population for the treatment of allergies.

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