tiramisù 90g rachelli free from

Tiramisù Gildo Rachelli Free From

Tiramisù 2x90g

The classic and sought-after taste of this Tiramisù with its soft Sponge cake drenched in coffee will surprise you from the very first mouthful.

MASCARPONE CREAM (70%): water, glucose syrup, refined coconut oil, lactose-free milk, low lactose content skimmed milk powder, lactose-free Mascarpone cheese (5%) (cream, milk, acidity regulator: lactic acid),sugar, egg yolk, egg white, Marsala wine, ethyl alcohol, stabilizers: carrageenan; tapioca starch, emulsifiers: mono- and di-glyceride fatty acids.
COFFEE SAUCE (18%): glucose syrup, water, liquid coffee extract (10%), ethyl alcohol,
SPONGE CAKE (11%): egg white, sugar, egg yolk, rice starch, cornflour, potato starch,
COCOA BASE (1%)(cocoa (46%), dextrose, wheat starch, sugar, cocoa butter.

Nutritional values per 100g
Energy 272 kcal / 1142 kJ, Fats g 11,0 ±10%, Of which saturates g 9,0 ±10%, Carbohydrate g 36,0 ±10% Of which sugars g 19,0 ±10%, Fiber g 0,9 ±10%, Protein g 3,7 ±10%, Salt % 0,16 ±10%, Alcoholic Strenght % 1,8 ±10%”

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