Rachelli Bio Fairtrade

All the ice-creams, sorbets and desserts in the Bio range are the fruits of Rachelli’s commitment and deliver more than just a truly great taste. Thanks to our collaboration with the Fairtrade Italia Association, they are also a guarantee of certified biodynamic farming provenance and respect for the environment, for local ecosystems and for the producers of the raw materials.

Lactose-free Ice-creams

In this range, lightness becomes ice-cream that is perfect for those who are lactose intolerant but just as suitable for people who are looking for good old-fashioned flavour in products that are increasingly easy to digest.

  • Lactose-free

Special Sorbets

Lots of freshness ready to be enjoyed at any time thanks to the natural lightness of the certified organic ingredients.

  • Chocolate
  • Organic Fruit

Organic Ice-creams

The great classics of Italian frozen desserts, produced exclusively using certified organic ingredients.

  • Fresh Milk
  • Chocolate

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